The Insurance Salesman… from Contracts to Castles

Thats a Strange title for a  post on a video based blog – Let me explain!

It was the 8th August 1988, a very lucky day according to the Chinese (due to the four number eights) when I walked into my very first job as an Insurance clerk for the very prestigious Royal Insurance Company.

Now that was the type of job that the careers advisors at my school had said was the ” Dream Job”

” You wont go wrong with a job in Banking, Building Societies and Insurance ” they said.

I am not sure too many people talk about banking and the financial sector with such a warm glow today.

So that was 1988 and I had my first proper job.

Fast forward to 1998 I had become a manager of a very successful brokerage in London, ten staff and all the headaches being ” The Boss ” can bring.
I was drained, ready to throw in the towel and go live on a beach somewhere selling coconuts to the tourists.

Then it happened…

My brother in law at the time ( thats another story! ) was just setting up a company offering to film weddings.
I saw the chance to get out of the Insurance game and took it with both hands. I knew nothing about using a video camera or editing and frankly didn’t want to know.
I would use my sales skills to sell our services to the bride and groom and do all the paper work and he would do the filming and editing  –  A Perfect Partnership.

We started small but through hard work and endeavour became very successful, the system was working really well and we were producing close to 50 weddings per year.

Then it happened…

It was a beautiful Saturday morning in June, wedding was at 1pm so I would meet the brother in law at the church for 11.30am with all the equipment as usual ( we worked from my home studio so I had all the equipment ). I was just getting into to the shower to get ready and the phone rang, little did I know at the time but that phone call was to change my life.

Cut a long story short my brother in law ( the cameraman ) had been rushed into hospital and was in the intensive care unit and it wasn’t looking good .

I had a video camera, batteries, a tripod and 3 SVHS tapes and a bride arriving at church in less than 2 hours !

What happened next..

Lets just say that I can remember looking through the viewfinder at the bride waiting at the end of the isle, hearing the church organ start to play and pressing the big red record button.

The rest as they say is history.

So the moral of this story is this.

If an insurance salesman with no experience in video can film a wedding, just think what you can achieve if you are actually interested in video.

Grab a camera, shoot some film – you may just surprise yourself!


Update:  What happened next…….      see     The Casual Cameraman 🙂

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