Why Light is the Key

I get asked my opinion constantly on ” what is the best camera to use ” or  ” the greatest lens ” but they are merely tools. The question should be

What makes great video ?

And the answer is ( not forgetting great AUDIO )


This formula is not rocket science but follow it and your videos will improve 10 x instantly



The examples are from my day job but they apply to ANY form of video that we shoot.

Always be looking for great “Natural ” light to enhance your videos. With practice and as your eyes becomes better trained to see the light, you will also begin to use the shadows to literally paint your subjects.

If you look closely in the images above which are taken from live video ( they are not photographs ) It is the shadows and how they fall on the subjects that makes the light in the image much more powerful.

Q: Why do magazines put really great looking images  on the front cover ?

A:  To make people want to buy!

It is EXACTLY the same with the videos we produce.

Now go find some great light and go to work 🙂


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  1. Hi Mark,

    I very thought provoking blog post and one that has got me thinking seriously about starting to record my own video!

    So it is really more than sitting in front of my Iphone and pressing record; yet I really only thought about the equipment and not the science behind it, hmmm 🙂

    Thanks Mark

    1. Hi Paul – It is more than just pressing record but my mission is to keep it simple and easy to understand like the video. You know have an awareness and I have given you something you can implement almost instantly. So don’t overthink it 🙂

  2. Hi Mark,

    I liked this post 🙂
    Sorry I don’t reply much at present but I am in the middle of doing a diploma course and can’t get a lot of time to reply to what I read … thank you for understanding.


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