How To Set Up A D.I.Y Video Studio For Under $300


There’s no denying the fact that a video is a very smart and powerful medium of marketing your product or brand. Making studio booking appointments every now and again can be tiring and expensive, and sometimes, you may just want to have a shoot on the spur of the moment, and the stress of booking a studio may be a buzz killer. Therefore, getting a personal studio is a necessity, especially if your business requires you have to shoot videos more often than most.

Most persons are hesitant about building home video studios because of the opinion that they would need an enormous amount of money; running into thousands of Dollars. Well actually, setting up a video studio at home can be done for much less and with equipment within easy reach. For as little as $300, you can get a fully functional studio up and running and below are the equipment’s you would need to set the studio up.


For as little as $50, you can get a standard mic to record great vocals, drums, guitar cabinets or whatever else you require. There are several brands out there which you can get for $50, but I would personally recommend the Shure SM48-LC, a great mic for live studios or home recording and works well with other instruments. It is also perfect for sound isolation and has a built-in pop filter to remove those annoying p’s and s’s. It connects by XLR port but with an adapter it can be used with your PC.


If you are cash strapped you may want to make do with natural lighting or your home LED lighting. However, on some days, the window glare may be a bit too intense, or it probably rained and is cloudy outside. With a clamp light, you can put to bed any of such worries.

For $40, you can get three clamp lights- two positioned at a 45-degree angle to the subject and one focused at the backdrop to round out the light and avoid shadows from moving objects.

You can set the brightness to your desired intensity with diffusion papers and use clamps to keep them in place.


You may want to be overly economical and opt to shoot your videos with an iPhone or your PC but honestly, it doesn’t hurt to get a camera seeing especially that for under $100 you can get a quality HD camera.

A camera enhances the experience of shooting a video and creates a professional feel to the entire shoot.

When you buy a camera, you’d also need a tripod to match.


Some persons may opt for shooting anywhere within the house, but you may need backdrops for some video shoots as they allow incredible efficiency and simplicity during shoots. Backdrops like the Varipole backdrop system goes for as high as $290 lets you shoot with multiple backdrop papers, colors, and textures in one quick-setup mechanism.

However, there are far more affordable alternatives out there, like a paper background which go for as little as $50 a roll and can create the same effect. With a paper background, you can shot anywhere and at any time of the day.


To shoot professional quality videos, you are going to need a good tripod. With your tripod, it makes shooting easier as you don’t have to hold your camcorder through the length of the shoot and worry about shakes in the video. All you need do is position your camera to the height you want and begin shooting your video.

You don’t need equipment’s as expensive as heavy-duty tripods or ball head tripods, a simple $25 tripod would get the job done especially when it’s your first studio setup.


When running a home video studio, you have to be sensitive to background sound and noise coming from air conditioning and heaters. Noise from these places can interfere with the production process thereby affecting the clarity of the audio.

You would also do well to check out for other locations around the house from where external noise can get into the house.


With $15, you can get a 25 feet mic cable which can go with any microphone, giving you whatever distance you require from your microphone.

Any reasonable mic cable would do especially if it’s a strong XLR cable that can go with most kinds of microphones.

In conclusion, 2017 is going to be a big year for content, and it is projected that 74% of all internet traffic is going to come from videos, therefore, getting your video feed running ensures you don’t miss out on the traffic which you should be getting. In addition, videos help give some personality to whatever service you are offering, proving that a video is an incredibly smart and powerful medium of furthering your brand and service.

This blog post gives you what you need to set up your home studio especially if you are on a shoestring budget. It doesn’t mean this should be the default path for persons looking to build a video studio- the Lord of the Rings wasn’t shot on a $300 studio. If you have more money, it’s advisable you get better quality equipment which will give your brand a more professional feel; if not, then you should bookmark this blog.

The remarkable thing about this kind of setup is that it’s a do-it-yourself setup, meaning you can go out, buy the equipment’s you need and build your studio from scratch. Once your video studio is setup, you can begin work on creating videos and content which stand your brand out from the competition.

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