How To Optimize Your Video For Mobile Devices

Let’s face it. In today’s fast paced economy, almost anything you want to hear, see or find can be done on a mobile device.

And as a business owner, you can no longer afford to leave mobile devices out of your business model. That ship has sailed years ago.

So this forces you to do one of two things.

You can either choose to do nothing. Or, you use this current trend to your advantage.

Both of decisions come with their own set of risks. But only one will allow you to keep your brand’s message in front of your customers.

Which is what you’re going to discover in this post. You’re going to discover how to optimize the most powerful content media (video) in your business model so you can:

  1. Stay in front of your customers 24/7, 365 days a year.
  2. Ensure you have an increase in your conversions. (Some business report an increase of up to 30% just because their marketing…and…sales process is optimized for mobile devices.)
  3. Capture more leads and make more sales from your videos.

3 Ways You Can Optimize Video For Mobile Devices

1. Make Sure Your Websites, Landing Pages, Sales Pages Etc. Are Responsive

No matter if it’s a landing page where you’re trying to capture leads, or if it’s your website…you must make sure it’s responsive.

TIP: All responsive means is optimized for mobile.

Now, depending on the program you use to create your website will determine if it’s responsive or not.

A lot of Website and Landing Page Softwares come “responsive ready”. But if you’re having a web developer build it for you, here’s what you need to remember.

1b. Create mobile responsive video players.

If you’re embedding videos on your website, a video player that’s responsive should be one of the first things created.

So after your developer is finished with creating your design, the next things they should do is optimize each video you have.

Now this will take some coding, but your web developer should be able to do it with ease.

Pro-Tip: You want to make sure you’re videos are optimized for both Apple and Android Devices.

2.  Use Big, Bold Splash Screens

The second most important part of any video is the image (splash screen) thumbnail on your video. This is the one of the major reasons why potential viewers click on your video in the first place.

So whenever you’re creating any splash screen, you have to consider how the design will look on a mobile device.

And if you’re a creative person and want to do it yourself, here’s an easy way to do it.

  • Find out the dimensions of your video. You can find this out by looking on the settings of whatever video you created. You can also get this from your web developer.
  • Go to This website lets you create beautiful graphics for free. (Side note: There are some designs you can’t use because you do have to pay. But for the most part, you can create almost any design you can imagine without paying.)
  • After you finish your design, test it on your video. Simply add the graphic you create to the thumbnail section where you created your video to see if it looks the way you want.

Again, you can also have your web developer do this for you.

3.  Create A Mobile Optimized Call-to-Action

It’s not enough to have an optimized video with a beautiful splash screen. You still need to see how your video converts.

This is where adding a strong Call-to-Action outside of your videos content comes into play.

Now, it’s pretty safe to say you definitely want to add in a strong call-to-action in the content at the end of your video. Because the more you tell your viewer what to do next, the more likely they are to take that specific action.

But you don’t want to stop there.

You’ll also want to have a clickable call to action that your viewers can physical click to take them to the next step in your process. That way you don’t have to rely solely on the call-to-action in your video content.

Pro-Tip: If you’re not familiar (or comfortable) with where to place your call to action, have your developer do it for you.


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