Why DSLR Cameras Are The Best Option For Modern Video Production

With video quickly becoming the most popular media to deliver content, that puts a lot of focus on what camera should be used to get the job done the right way. Honestly, there are literally thousands of cameras to choose from, and each camera has its own set of features that will allow you to create any type of video you like.

But not all cameras are created equal.

Even though they all do the same thing, some cameras are simply better than others. There are cameras that produce better videos, are easier to use, and are much more efficient. In fact, there are two types of cameras that most users lean on to create most of their videos.

Those are digital cameras (point and shoot cameras)…

…and DSLR cameras.

Now if you’re unfamiliar with either, you should read this post until the very end because in this article  I’m going to reveal the difference between a DSLR camera, (which are becoming extremely popular), and point and shoot cameras.

What Makes A DSLR Great?

Great Image Quality– Normally, the sensor in a DSLR camera is much bigger than point and shoot cameras. That means the bigger the sensor, the less noise there is has which results in better image quality. (Noise is the grain you typically see in pictures.)

More sensitive to light– Because there’s less noise with the DSLR that means you can use the camera in places normal point and shoot cameras can’t and still get a quality shot. This means that the low light capabilities of the modern DSLR camera cannot be matched by the regular point and shoot camera alternatives.

 Depth of Field– With a larger depth of field it gives you better control of isolating foreground from background or bring everything in focus through aperture control of the lens.

Interchangeable Lenses – There’s a wide selection of different lenses available for DSLR cameras. The choice of different lenses give us much more creativity and control in what and how we can film. DSLR lenses are also optically better compared to point and shoot cameras.


SCORE: 8/10 – 

VERDICT: The Professional Choice

What Makes Point And Shoot Cameras Great?

Size– When to size, almost nothing can beat a point and shoot camera. A lot of them are small enough to fit in your pocket so they’re easy to transport.

Easy Set Up– Since point and shoot cameras are lightweight and small in size, it doesn’t take much to set up and start filming.

Massive depth of field– Unlike the DSLR cameras, point and shoot cameras typically can’t separate the background from the foreground. So you can almost always ensure whatever you’re filming will be sharp and in focus.

Fixed Lenses– There’s no need to worry about changing any lenses with a point and shoot camera because all the lenses are fixed.


SCORE: 6/10 – 

VERDICT: Great for starting out

Which One Should You Use?

Choosing the right camera for you will depend a lot on what type of video you want to create but if I had to make a sincere recommendation, it would be DSLR cameras. These cameras are very easy to handle ( nice form factor ) and due to the much larger sensors produce a much higher quality image. If you are searching for a camera that produces stunning cinematic video imagery ( blurred background or foreground with the subject in sharp focus ) then there is only ONE choice. 

PRO TIP: There will be a bit of a learning curve moving from a point and shoot camera to a DSLR. Which is why I’ve created a simple DSLR VIDEO CHECKLIST to help ANYONE regardless of skill level to master the basic DSLR skills.


If this is something that interests you, click this link to learn more.




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